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Announcing your engagement and party ideas


An Engagement party idea a candy buffet


Before setting the date you will need to decide what type of ceremony you will have so that you can check the availability of the church, register office, civil venue or synagogue. You should meet with your minister, priest, registrar or rabbi to arrange the ceremony.

Make sure you plan well ahead, particularly if your wedding is to take place over the summer. As this is the busiest time of year for weddings, you may need to start making arrangements about a year in advance to get the greatest choice of the services that you require. If you find yourself short of time you can leave some of the decisions to the experts – for example, a banqueting manager can help with many of the details of your reception. If you are going to need a lot of help with the arrangements you might consider acquiring the services of a wedding coordinator.

Announcing your engagement

In addition to the traditional method, you might like to consider announcing your engagement on the Internet as many web sites now offer a wedding announcement service via facebook twitter or any other social media that you and your firends are connected with

You will need to be well organized as there is a lot for you to do. Keep all the notes you make and the brochures that you receive in a special place and keep an eye on your budget to make sure that you always remain on target.

The Engagement Party

Parties are often held to celebrate a couple’s engagement, and such an occasion is often used to introduce extended members of both families to the engaged couple. If there will be restrictions on numbers at the wedding itself, then an engagement party offers a good opportunity to entertain people who may not be invited to attend. This sort of gathering can be quite informal, although the bride’s father may make a short speech ending with a toast to the happy couple. If this is the case, the bridegroom-to-be usually replies by proposing the health of both sets of parents.

If you do not hold an engagement party, it is still a good idea to bring both sets of parents together. If they have not met before, bear in mind that these initial meetings can often be a little tense due to the pressure on everyone to get on well together. more at wedding theme ideas

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