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How to use your camera

Be comfortable with your camera and you may establish this by creating a habit of bringing the camera everywhere. Take shots of everything that you will see and your skills will be refined. Shaking of the camera is one of the most common problems of beginners in photography. Learn to know how to hold the camera properly. If shaky hands still cause you a problem, get to use a tripod. Technical knowledge as to lighting for the photograph is essential. You have to know how to use the flash as well as the type of light that will affect your shoot. Learn to use variety of lenses for superior image quality

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Get inspiration by looking at the work of other photographers but don’t get to copy them. Creating your own style will make you feel more confident in what you are doing. Beginning to be a photographer is not that easy but it is not too hard as well. It could be disheartening from time to time but with patience and hard work, you will be able to be a good and successful photographer someday. Here are some more links of Photography tips that might be helpful
Aerial Photography
Wedding Photography

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