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Purchasing the services of a professional Web designer can be expensive, but the time investment for you to learn how to design a beautiful Web site may prove to be just as costly to you. If you cannot find a Web designer for your price or just don’t have time to look for one, have a go at the project yourself. Here are a few suggestions to get you (or a Web designing friend or relative) efficiently on the way to a useful and beautiful wedding Web site.

Wedding website example

1. If you are designing the site yourself and have little programming experience, plan for a small but meticulously designed Web site of one to three pages. Consider using a template, or hunt down a layout you like from the Web and plan to stick to it.

2. Be very succinct on the front page. You’ll want to make sure that your visitors feel welcome, but you should also be sure that they do not feel bored. Include an engagement photograph and hyper links to the rest of your Web site on the front page — add a note of welcome later if the page looks empty. Use a graphics-editing program to optimize the engagement photograph; make sure that it loads in under 20 seconds on a 56k modem connection, and if there are glare marks or artifacts in the photograph, try to remove them. If the photograph was not professionally taken this may seem like a lot of work but its worth it for the final design. It’s important that the photograph looks good, as this will be your guests favorite site to go to to find the information they need before the wedding.

3. Once you are satisfied with the general look of your site, start refining the Web site. For special effect, consider scanning in your wedding invitation and using parts of its design as small borders and decorations. Add a background color similar in hue to your wedding stationery, and specify font colors that match your chosen wedding colors. Specify a font size of four or larger for all text to ensure readability, and use Times New Roman or another clear font for most text. Take care to specify high contrast font colors, as colors that are too light will cause eyestrain and defeat the whole purpose of the Web site, which is to provide comfort and convenience for your wedding guests.


Plan on spending an hour a day for a month to get the site looking the way you like. After you’re finished with the site, find a hosting service such as hot mail, or your local Internet service provider and then concentrate on enjoying your champagne.

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