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Wedding reception themes to know

Booking the reception venue is one of the first things that you should do after announcing your engagement. There are many types of venue to choose from in a variety of settings, including barns, stately homes, baronial halls, hotels and restaurants. And of course if you have a large enough outdoor area at your disposal […]

Who Does What at a wedding

The bride… * chooses her attendants * chooses her own dress and consults with her bridesmaids about theirs * throws her bouquet on leaving the reception The groom… * chooses his wedding attire * appoints his best man and ushers * makes a speech at the reception in reply to the bride’s father, ending with […]

wedding websites

  Purchasing the services of a professional Web designer can be expensive, but the time investment for you to learn how to design a beautiful Web site may prove to be just as costly to you. If you cannot find a Web designer for your price or just don’t have time to look for one, […]